Joe Bakes

Bread, as it should be.

When I discovered the magic of naturally leavened dough, there was no turning back. Bread, pizza, bagels, waffles, it didn’t matter. Whatever I made needed to begin with that natural starter or it wasn’t for me.

Early morning before my 9-to-5 job, late nights after I get home, and weekends full of countless loaves of bread, this is now my life.

Whether you want a loaf of bread for the week, fresh pizzas at a party or event, or a specialty item for a special event – I am your guy.

All the Bread

bread crumbs

Pizza Party

Let’s throw a pizza party! I will bring homemade dough, homemade sauce, a variety of toppings, and cook up some personalized pizzas – made just the way you like them – in my table-top wood-fired oven.



Need some bread? I am your guy. A variety of naturally leavened artisan breads to choose from.

Speciality Items

Bagels? Pretzels? I can make special order items for you. Let’s dream up some tasty baked goods together for your next Sunday brunch or dinner party.